About Let's Go Dutch!

Let’s Go Dutch is an easy-to-use app for sharing costs with friends, family, roommates or colleagues. Complicated shared costs can be fairly shared without any calculation or confusion. That road trip with friends or those shared house expenses are made easy.

For example…Let’s say you’re going on a ski trip with friends. You buy the ski tickets for everyone, another friend buys dinner, and another buys the groceries. You want to track these expenses so that no one ends up over paying unfairly, and square up at the end of the trip. Let’s Go Dutch! makes this so easy you’ll be sure that everyone has paid their fair share, even if not all costs are to be split equally.

It doesn’t matter who pays or who owes, shared costs are easy to allocate in the group.

Those arguments over who owes money, or the unfair division of bills are a thing of the past.

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